Network Solutions

Arkamai Networks offers a wide range of networking services including Wireless LAN integration, Wireless RF Surveys, IPTV integration & Installation, Free Space Optics, Infrastructure Cabling, Network Maintenance & Monitoring, Wide Area IP Surveillance & Video technology.

At Arkamai Networks, we offer straight-talking wireless transmission advice to all sizes of business throughout EMEA. Many of our clients have benefited from our high speed and bandwidth transmission technology by taking advantage of IEEE 802.11 and the latest Free Space Optical (FSO) technology.

Every digital signage projects also requires access to a reliable high-speed network. This is critical for systems that must deliver multimedia content24/7, all year-round. A properly designed and configured network will limit service interruptions and prevent loss of revenue for advertisers and venue operators.

Arkamai Digital technicians are experts at designing and managing high-speed digital signage networks.

Network Solutions Network Solutions

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