Nov 2014 – Arkamai Digital collaborates with Action Chapel International...

Accra, Ghana (November 2014) Arkamai Digital collaborates with Action Chapel International for its digital signage solutions at its Medical and Rejuvenation Centre . . . . .

Accra, Ghana (November 2014) – Arkamai Digital Ghana. Following a year of our entry into the Ghanaian market, Arkamai Gh is proud to announce its collaborating with Action Chapel International [ACI] with the installation of its award winning digital signage platform at the medical centre known as the Centre for Health and Rejuvenation [CHR]. This single node platform allows for the real-time Content Delivery and the Remote Management to a single LCD screen located at the patient reception.

Speaking on the go-live date, CHR manager, Ms Blondy Otu commented, this is a must have platform for any company. Arkamai Digital’s solution brings an affordable way to have large-scale visual impact with the simplicity of a single media player that doubles as a single wall controller.

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Testimonials: We here at CHR, Accra have been pleased with the overall quality of images that we're able see on air. Our clients have noticed a difference in the quality. Dr Arama Fordjoe MD

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Arkamai’s Digital Signage solutions provide an effective means of communicating your information and advertising marketing messages to a wide audience in various locations. We provide a digital-out-of-home type of solutions where content is simultaneously delivered to a display. Our commitment to sustainable delivery has resulted in long-term, trusted relationship with our clients from all business sectors. Arkamai has its European offices in London, UK and its West African offices in Accra, Ghana. We are well positioned to serve across these continents.

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